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Program Overview

 Each student starts with a full length SAT or ACT to ascertain his or her strengths and limitations and establish a baseline score. We design a program tailored to fit each student’s objectives, skill levels, and schedule. We teach and reinforce all effective strategies for the tests. In addition, we teach the underlying reasoning skills required for success on these assessments and future ones. Students receive personal, one-on-one instruction from experienced, certified English and math teachers. Progress is tracked week to week. Our program builds students’ confidence in  problem solving and test taking strategies. Multiple full length practice tests measures progress.  Achievement Learning Center has been providing customized test preparation programs to Westchester’s top students for over 20 years. Our programs are proven effective, and personalized for each student. ​



In addition to any  PSAT offered through the schools, students should sit for full-length practice exams.  While the PSAT gives students a general sense of their abilities (and thus an estimate of the score they can expect to get on the actual exams), there are differences between those tests and the actual exams (stamina alone can affect students’ performance).   



The SAT and ACT are given several times a year and are taken by high school juniors and seniors. Most students take their preferred exam two to three times (winter exams are a great option for those who begin prep. in the summer/early fall).  Being ready for these exams require preparation. Students should start thinking about SAT/ACT preparation when they are in tenth grade, they should be enrolled in a test preparation program by the fall of their junior year. 

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Lastly, rather than make assumptions about which exam is better suited for your child have him/her sit for a practice exam in both. For those applying for extra time please reach-out to your schools sooner than later to learn how to begin the application process. A student who receives extra time through a 504 does not guarantee your request will be approved by either College Board or ACT.

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